Our Team

      The research and development team of Higono Technology gathers top talents in the field of global refrigeration, has many years of industry experience, and is committed to the optimization and development of product update iteration day and night.

      The company has a large customer service team. Collect the voice of global users, real feedback and reasonable suggestions on Higono products, and implement the products and services, to maintain the "customer first" brand core.


Our Story

            HiGONO, by the integration of “High”  “Going”“ Nonstop” three words born, symbolizing the brand will always strive to bring excellent industrial products for users around the world.

Adhering to the brand concept of "freezing force is not reduced, the initial core is eternal", HiGONO has focused on environmental protection refrigeration equipment for 30 years, insisting on user use scenario as the center, and high matching degree oriented manufacturing. Today, HiGONO has grown into a customized brand of industrial refrigeration integrating research and development, design, production and sales.

The brand has a group of outstanding technical personnel, continue to invest in research and development to enhance industrialization capacity, and have launched competitive high-tech products, such as H Series closed cooling tower, H Series evaporative cooling, HGN Series screw unit are recognized and affirmed by global enterprise users.