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HiGONO, by the integration of “High” “Going” “Nonstop” three words born, symbolizing the brand will always strive to bring excellent industriaproducts for users around the world.
Adhering to the brand concept of “freezing force is not reduced, the initial core iseternal”,HiGONO has focused on environmental protection refrigeration equipment for 30 years, insisting on user use scenario as the center, and high matching degree orientedmanufacturing. Today, HiGONO has grown into a customized brand of industrial refriger.ation integrating research and development, design, production and sales.

The brand has a group of outstanding technical personnel, continue to invest in research and development to enhance industrialization capacity, and have launched competitive high-tech products, such as H Series closed cooling tower, H Series evaporativecooling, HGN Series screw unit are recognized and affirmed by global enterprise users.



  • Closed Cooling Tower
  • Evaporative Condenser
  • Screw Condensing Unit
  • Screw Parallel Condensing Unit

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Let you know more

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