What is evaporative cooling

With the continuous development of domestic economy and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, central air conditioning has gradually entered thousands of households. However, due to the immature central air conditioning technology in the early stage, it may lead to a large amount of energy waste in the operation of central air conditioning. With the proposed national double carbon goal, the problem of energy saving and emission reduction of central air conditioning began to be exposed to the public. The following Yu Xin air conditioning and you say evaporative cooling this central air conditioning energy saving transformation technology.

What is evaporative cold?
Evaporative cooling refers to the use of water evaporation and air forced circulation to take away the condensation heat, to cool the high temperature and high pressure superheated steam discharged from the compressor, so as to condense it into a liquid. It can be widely used in petrochemical industry, light industry and medicine, refrigeration and air conditioning, food refrigeration and many other industries, suitable for large and medium-sized refrigeration equipment. With the continuous progress of science and technology, evaporative cooling technology has been greatly improved, and its application scenario is more and more.

How does evaporative cooling work?
The heat transfer part of the equipment is the heat exchange tube group. Liquid enters from the upper part of the heat exchange tube group and is distributed to each tube through the coupling box. After completing heat exchange, it flows out from the lower tube port. The cooling water is sent to the water distributor at the upper part of the heat exchange tube group by the circulating water pump. The water distributor is equipped with an efficient blocking sprinkler, which distributes the water evenly to each group of drain pipes. The water flows down the outer surface of the pipe in a film shape, and finally falls into the pool for recycling through the packing layer at the upper part of the pool. When the water flow through the cooler tube group, relying on the evaporation of water, the latent heat of evaporation of water, so that the medium in the tube cooling. At the same time, the fresh air from the air window around the lower side of the cooler by the axial induced draft fan takes the water steam away in time, creating conditions for the continuous evaporation of the water film. At present, the subversive product Yuxin evaporative cold heat exchange module machine is an improved technology based on this principle. In terms of the efficiency of refrigeration heat exchange, it has not only been improved, but also is suitable for a variety of central air conditioning equipment units.

What are the application scenarios of evaporative cooling technology
The transformation of evaporative cooling itself is actually to improve the operating condition of the central air conditioning system. Many people should have such an experience, when the central air conditioning machine in a high temperature weather environment, its use effect will become worse, indoor comfort will be reduced, at the same time, the monthly energy consumption is also invisible increase. In fact, the cause of these problems is because of the poor operating conditions of the central air conditioning system.
Precisely because its operating condition is getting worse, and in order to ensure the refrigeration effect is not discounted, the refrigeration heat transfer process of the whole central air conditioning system can only be completed by increasing energy consumption. However, when the device is in a harsh environment, even if the increased energy consumption, the experience effect is not obvious. So, this is when we use the central air conditioning, the feeling is on and not on the use.

How to transform energy saving by evaporative cooling?
The application of evaporative cooling technology is generally used to improve the operating condition of the central air conditioning system, so that the central air conditioning can achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction. The principle of Yuxin evaporative cooling is similar to the above principle, except that the average evaporative cooling unit can only reduce the heat of the original unit by 1° in one cycle, while Yuxin evaporative cooling technology can take away the heat of the original unit by 4° in one cycle. Its refrigeration heat transfer speed is faster, the effect is more obvious, and the natural is more able to ensure the refrigeration effect of the original equipment unit. Because of its fast cooling heat transfer effect, it also greatly reduces the impact of the original equipment technology limited to environmental problems. It not only ensures the operation effect of the original equipment unit, but also reduces the energy consumption of the original equipment unit. Of course, there are other benefits, such as: reduced failure rate, reduced noise, faster returns and so on.
Evaporative cooling technology is an energy-saving technology of central air conditioning, which is widely used in the energy-saving transformation of central air conditioning. Especially after our country put forward the double carbon goal, various central air conditioning energy-saving technologies emerge in an endless stream. However, to ensure energy saving without discount, it is still necessary to see the subversive evaporative cold technology. In the future, evaporative cooling technology will be widely used in the energy-saving transformation of central air conditioning. If you want to achieve the energy-saving goal early, you need to specify the desired transformation plan as soon as possible. The above is Yu Xin air conditioning wants to talk with you about all the content of evaporation cold, I hope to help you. If you want to do the central air conditioning system energy-saving transformation, you can also come to us.

3. The water distribution system is not easy to plug, the water filling is not easy to keep clean and aging, the moisture reflux is small, and the anti-freezing and icing measures are easier. Multiple sets can be combined design, winter to the required water temperature and water can be combined with a single operation or all shut down fan.
4. Easy construction, installation and maintenance, low cost, commonly used in air conditioning and industrial large and medium cooling circulating water.

Two, cross flow tower
l, the water in the tower filling, water from the top down, the air from the tower outside the horizontal flow to the tower, the two flow is vertical orthogonal. Commonly used in residential areas with strict noise requirements, it is a cooling cycle tower used more in the air conditioning sector. Advantages: energy saving, low water pressure, low wind resistance, also equipped with low speed motor, no dripping noise and wind noise, packing and water distribution system maintenance is convenient.
2, can be randomly constructed with the shape of the building multiple foundation placed, according to the required water temperature, respectively start a single or multiple cooling towers.
3. It should be noted that the framework should have more packing volume when the heat exchange is 40% more, the packing is easy to age, the water distribution hole is easy to block, the anti-icing is not good, and the moisture reflux is large. The advantages of a cross-flow tower are the disadvantages of a counter-flow tower.

Three, closed cooling tower
1, closed cooling tower, also known as closed cooling tower, evaporative cooler. It is a kind of deformation and development of traditional cooling tower. It is actually a combination of evaporative cooling tower, cooler and wet cooling tower. It is a horizontal evaporative cooling tower, where the process fluid flows through the pipe and the air flows out of the pipe, and the two do not contact each other. The water in the reservoir at the bottom of the tower is extracted by the circulating pump and sent to the outside of the pipe to spray down evenly. It does not contact with hot water or refrigerant and air outside the pipe, and becomes a closed cooling tower, which enhances the heat and mass transfer effect by spraying water.
2, closed cooling tower is suitable for all kinds of cooling systems with high circulating water quality requirements, and has application prospects in electric power, chemical, steel, food and many industrial sectors. On the other hand, compared with the air-cooled heat exchanger, the evaporative cooling tower makes use of the latent heat of evaporation from the water on the lower side of the pipe to significantly enhance the heat and mass transfer on the air side, and also has obvious advantages.
In northern China, the temperature is usually below zero in winter, so the problem of anti-freezing operation of the closed cooling tower is becoming more and more prominent. If not solved properly, the heat exchange tube or other parts of the cooling tower may be damaged by freezing. According to different process characteristics, some closed cooling towers operate all day in winter, some run for part of the time, and some are almost not used. But they all need to consider the problem of frost protection.

Post time: Jun-14-2023