What is the difference between air conditioning cold storage and fresh-keeping cold storage What should be noted when using

Many fruit and vegetable cooperatives build cold storage to build air-conditioned cold storage to store their seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as peach, it needs to be stored in air-conditioned cold storage, otherwise the storage time of peach will be very short, in addition to air-conditioned cold storage and fresh-keeping cold storage can also achieve the role of fresh-keeping peach, but the air tightness of fresh-keeping cold storage is not as good as air-conditioned cold storage. The following Xiaobian to give you a detailed introduction to the difference between air conditioning cold storage and fresh-keeping cold storage.


First, the use of air conditioning system
In addition to the use of refrigeration units, air conditioning cold storage than preservation cold storage in the configuration of more than one set of air conditioning equipment. The gas regulating system can set the temperature, oxygen, CO2, ethylene, fruit waste and other contents for the storage of different fruits and vegetables, and automatically control the temperature gas composition of the library stable within the set range, so as to better inhibit the process of respiration, oxidation, deterioration and so on, greatly prolong the storage cycle of fruits.

Difference two, air conditioning cold storage air tightness
Due to the use of air conditioning system, air conditioning cold storage in the construction process of the air tightness requirements are higher than the ordinary preservation cold storage. Otherwise, poor air tightness will make the air conditioning system run continuously, so that the components in the library meet the requirements. In this way, the unstable and unqualified gas composition environment can not play the role of regulating gas in the gas regulated cold storage, thus losing the original intention of the design and installation of the gas regulated cold storage. Therefore, whether it is the equipment configuration or the construction of professional degree, the requirements of air conditioning cold storage refrigeration is much higher than the preservation cold storage refrigeration, the cost is much higher.
Because of the particularity of air-conditioned cold storage, the configuration and cost are higher than those of ordinary fresh-keeping cold storage, it is recommended that the construction of air-conditioned cold storage is the most suitable for the storage and sale of out-of-season fruits. That is, after one-time storage, storage for three or five months and then one-time sale, which can improve the benefits of anti-season economy and the life of fruits and vegetables. If our friends do not understand the knowledge of the air conditioning cold storage that Xiaobian said, they can always come to consult us.

Post time: Jun-14-2023